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Ruth Hammond

Known As: Ruth Hammond

Weapons: Vocoder, Talk Box, Tenor Sax, Flute, Bass Clarinet, Synth, Melodica, Tamborine and Ocarina.


The heavens looked down fondly upon Ruth when they bestowed to her the gifts of courage, versatility and invisibility at her birth beneath the Waterfalls of Tranquility at The Royal Palace of Wootton Bassett. Years later, after completing her training at The Temple of Funk in the northern territories, the variety of her skill set multiplied and surpassed that of her companions.

Ruth's passage west from her homelands to Wah-Wah Mountain led her through the menacing Maupin marshlands where she was attacked by six masked warriors (some believe to be sent from Wukong) who wounded her with deadly poisoned darts. Using her invisibility to escape and an antidote to recover, she eventually reached the summit and accepted the call of the JINGU BANG.

Joined Forces with: Morcheeba, Starlings, The Hopkins-Hammond Trio, Brass Junkies, Phil King, Celestine, Gary Bamford, The Colman Brothers, Ilya, Emma Hutchinson and others from the celestial realms.


Deeper Awareness:

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