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Known As: Greig Robinson

Weapons: Electric bass

In AD 425, Greig emanated from the Spirit Caverns of the Northern Kingdom (Perth, Scotland) and was born immortal. After 13 years he became inspired by his own clan's zealous pursuits and embraced the low rumbles of the earth, harnessing their power with his bare hands.

He later began the long, perilous journey south, continuing his training in The Temple of Funk. After 21 years in these regions his training had long been complete but his journey was far from over. Further south he travelled through treacherous lands of tormented demons and the unrelenting beasts of the midlands, finally settling in the sheltered valleys of Bristol.

With infinite years ahead of him Greig has accepted the calling of the Jingu Bang and his odyssey continues... to remain fervently focused on bringing funk to the mortals forever.


Joined Forces with: Jethro TullThe Haggis HornsCorinne Bailey RaeLily AllenRuth HammondChrissie HyndeTeddy ThompsonKelly JonesJohn Cooper ClarkeBill LauranceDennis CoffeyDennis RollinsSunny OzellRoy G. HemmingsKeith Allen and thousands of lost souls from centuries gone by.

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