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Lisa Cherian
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Known As: Lisa Cherian

Weapons: Congas, Bongos, Llama's Toe Nails, Spanner Chimes, Mussel Shell Cluster Shakers, Vibra Slaps, Flexitone, Guiro, Cuica, Hell's Bells, Sea Pods and Ocarina.

Known for her immeasurable humility and legendary sense of rhythm, Lisa began her life on the eastern side of the world in the revered province of Sydney. However, few know of her rare gift of transformation – sparingly used after it was forbidden across the Empire.

Her seven year journey to the west, through the locust storms, was a test of endurance that few travellers would survive. After a long rest she settled into her new life and stumbled upon fortune when she procured a plentiful assortment of belongings at the cost of 300 bungas from a Shaolin monk. It later transpired that the goods were enchanted and not only served to protect her, but were weapons of funk that served as the ultimate channel of expression for her undulating rhythms. Her destiny was sealed.

Joined Forces with: Franki Paul, Ricardo Lemvo, StarlingsThe Dockside Latin Orchestra, Baila La Cumbia, K'Chevere, Brass Junkies, Latin DescargaWorld Government and many other expressive mortals from both ends of the earth.

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